Our client list includes some of the most important industrial groups in the transport, IT, medical and tourism sectors. Our strength lies in the fact that we constantly up-date our commitment to the world of Computer Aided Translation and employ the most widely used, modern CAT tools.

Our main services include:

Technical translation English → Italian
Technical translation German → Italian
Technical translation Spanish → Italian
Technical translation Portuguese → Italian
Software and website localisation
Videogame localisation
TM Management
Quality check

We specialise in

IT matters (hardware and software)
Marketing, advertising and brand awareness materials
Engineering, mechanical texts and manuals
Automotive and rail sectors
Medicine (electromedical equipment, clinical trials etc.)
Travelling and tourism


Obviously rates vary depending on the type of service requested. The rate for proof-reading, revision and QC work is hourly and agreed beforehand with the client. For technical translations we usually apply a certain rate per word of the source language or a rate per page for non-technical texts. We offer discount on large projects and for working with files with specific CAT tools (depending on the “fuzzy match” percentage).

We are more than happy to complete any test translations (max. 400 words).

For further information about rates, terms and conditions and for estimates, please contact us at it or through the Contacts page.

Our Clients

Localized Videogames

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