Come tagliare i ponti con un’agenzia di traduzioni tecniche

7 ottobre 2016
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…volevo condividere con voi questa e-mail appena inviata…



I’ve been working as a freelance translator for [PEZZO DA NOVANTA DEL SETTORE] for a decade.

After the closure of the [NOME DI UNA GRANDE CITTÀ] branch, I only received unacceptable jobs sent by the Polish or Indian office starting with “Dear Italian translator”, losing all the personal and business relationships that I’ve created with the PMs and vendor managers.

I’ve been forced to apply discounts and to use [CAT TOOL ORRIBILE] and pay for it, even if it is one of the worst CAT tools I ever used.

I’ve finally decided to end my collaboration with [PEZZO DA NOVANTA DEL SETTORE] and I have already uninstalled your translation tool, your QA report tool and every other tool with your name on it.

So, please don’t blame me if I don’t want to receive a 20% discount on a new subscription.

Best Regards,


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